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Can someone plZ PLZ PLZZZZZZZ draw my new youtube icon? I will reward you with points! :D
OMG you guys so I was just browsing the interwebs for any fan made roleplaying games and I found a fan made table top Pokémon RPG! Check it out!… 

If any of you would like to meet on Skype and play it with me, I would happily encourage you too!

Maximum Of Trainers Who Could Join From DeviantART:
I just recently made a new Youtube Channel known as Swift Circle which will all be about Lets Plays/Roleplays and Anime and I would love for someone to make me a new icon! :D
I have plans on making a set of Dungeons and Dragons novels based on a new character I have in my head, and if anyone would like to rp meeting him I would gladly be excited about you knowing my soon to be awesome D&D OC. :)
Princess Moon Melody-WIP by AskMidnightBlaze
Princess Moon Melody-WIP
DeviantNOTES: Originally Adopted From :iconmonster-drool: so do not steal
Name: Princess Moon Melody
Species: Alicorn
Gender: Mare
Age: 100
Cutie Mark: A crimson valiums book with a crescent moon imprinted upon its cover along with it wearing a pair of black glasses.
Description: Originally hailing from the royal palace of Canterlot, Princess Moon Melody is the cousin of Princess Luna and thus speaks in the Royal Canterlot Voice. She is usually seen cooped up in her Royal  Quarters while continuing her research on magic, sort of like Princess Twilight Sparkle but she takes it over the top. One day a mysterious package arrived to her bedroom doorstep which led her into unraveling it, revealing a strange piece of litrecher that was contained within. The book had a cover that was a haunting shade of purple along with the inscription of an charcoal black gemstone engraved onto it. As she opened the novel she stumbled upon an unusual brand of language never before seen but yet she was able to understand it just like any other language. This led her into the discovery of a hidden cavern sealed off in the western wing of the Canterlot Caves which contained the vary crystal that was drawn on the front of the book. As she grabbed hold of it a dark aura of magical energy imploded from it and infused Princess Moon Melody with an a thousand year old banished entity known as Mistress Duskshimmer. The magic from this cosmic entity had mutated Princess Moon Melody into a horrific villain bent on transforming Celestia’s sun into a Solar Eclipse. Only the magic of both friendship and harmony can help purify her soul.          
Can someone plZ PLZ PLZZZZZZZ draw my new youtube icon? I will reward you with points! :D


Midnight Blaze
United States
I am a young Pegasus stallion who lives in Cloudsdale and I love to write poetry about my past life as a Royal Guard for Princess Luna. I also have a pet bat named Lapis who loves to grapes.

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